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Creative copywriting for SEO and business is one of my favorite projects, not to mention a great way to connect to and educate your audience. Check out just some of the writing I've done for my clients recently.

New Zealand Bay of Islands
Maldives Atolls Scuba Diving
Octopus PADI

Top 22 Best Scuba Diving Spots in New Zealand

Diving Corner Blog

Best Maldives Atolls for Scuba Diving


The 8 Best Destinations for Diving with 8 Different Species of Octopus


Julie Ferrara PADI Pro
Goliath Grouper Florida Scuba Diving
United States Scuba Diving
Veterans Scuba Diving
Honduras Scuba Diving
Marine Conservation Sign
Carbon Offsetting Plant Trees
Snorkel with Manatees
How to become a Scientific Diver
Parrotfish Facts
Coral Reef Scuba Diving
Jacques Cousteau Scuba Diving
Swimming with Dugongs

Julie Ferrara: PADI Mermaid Training Will Bring Magic to Your Business and Instruction

PADI Pros Blog

Top 19 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Florida

Diving Corner Blog

Dive in the United States – Top Dive Sites in The Top 4 Diving States


Veterans are Using Scuba Diving to Heal From PTSD

Undersea Warriors Non-Profit

Scuba Diving in Honduras (Complete Guide)

Diving Corner Blog

What is marine conservation, and more specifically, eco-diving?

Dive Into Life Blog

How Companies are Offsetting their Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees

The Carbon Offset Company

Top 9 Best Places to Dive with Manatees

Diving Corner Blog

How to become a Scientific Diver

Girls That Scuba


Ocean Mimic

Marine Conservation and Scuba Diving

The Scuba News

Jacques Cousteau’s Favorite Dive Destinations Around the World


The Top Destinations for Swimming & Diving with Dugongs


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