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Top 22 Best Scuba Diving Spots in New Zealand

Diving Corner Blog

I’ve heard many people assume that diving in New Zealand would be freezing and not very interesting, but this is a common misperception of those who haven’t visited these incredible islands.


Best Maldives Atolls for Scuba Diving


The Maldives is an island nation, complete with white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs offshore, and world-renowned marine life. It’s no surprise that visiting the Maldives atolls is a bucket list item for ocean lovers. Of course, with manta rays, whale sharks, and warm, clear waters, the Maldives is an absolute heaven for scuba divers.


The 8 Best Destinations for Diving with 8 Different Species of Octopus


Surprisingly, these incredible ocean-dwelling animals can be fairly common to encounter on dives in specific regions. Here are some of the best dives for your chance to catch a glimpse.

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Julie Ferrara: PADI Mermaid Training Will Bring Magic to Your Business and Instruction

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Are you interested in bringing magic to your business and training? We caught up with PADI Mermaid™ Instructor Trainer and owner of Freedive Cozumel, Julie Ferrara, to learn why she decided to dive into the mer-world and how it’s helping expand her teaching and business opportunities.


Top 19 Best Scuba Diving Spots in Florida

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Having lived in three areas of Florida, Key West, St. Peterburg, and Fort Lauderdale, I’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to Florida diving and I’m excited to share the best sites, as known by the locals in this tropical state.


Dive in the United States – Top Dive Sites in The Top 4 Diving States


There are countless reasons to make it a priority to dive in the United States. The U.S. offers varied and exceptional dive sites, with plentiful access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. From the Florida’s barrier reef to California’s kelp forests, you’re bound to find dives to spark your love of the sport, as well as the environment. Explore just a few of the amazing dive sites in the top four diving states of this beautiful country.

Underwater Scuba Diving

Veterans are Using Scuba Diving to Heal From PTSD

Undersea Warriors Non-Profit

Combat and service subject Veterans to constant and unrelenting exposure to traumatic events, such as pulling people from accident scenes, trying to save people from life threatening injuries, or witnessing the wounds from abusive relationships. Warriors come home and then try to compartmentalize these tragic events, loss of limbs, death and the sight of the horror and focus on the good and positive things, but the constant barrage of memories slowly erodes their emotional defense, and they develop PTSD.

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Scuba Diving in Honduras (Complete Guide)

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Honduras is a beautiful island country, which sites between Guatemala and Nicaragua in Central America. 
It boasts amazingly clear waters and 669km of Caribbean coastline. Not to mention, this paradise comes at a fraction of the cost of nearby Central American destinations.

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What is marine conservation, and more specifically, eco-diving?

Dive Into Life Blog

Marine conservation and eco-diving have become popular buzzwords in the last few years, and for good reason. Our oceans are in trouble and ocean lovers, and divers, have found ways to use their skills and insights to take action.


How Companies are Offsetting their Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees

The Carbon Offset Company

You may be wondering... ‘What is a carbon footprint, how can it be offset, and how would this benefit my business?’ Let’s look at what carbon offsetting means for you and your business.


Top 9 Best Places to Dive with Manatees

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Manatees: the gentle giants we’ve come to love and adoringly call ‘sea cows.’ 
These water-dwelling animals occupy the brackish waters of sunny areas in the southern United States, Central America, and the Caribbean.
If you’ve always wanted to see, swim, or dive with manatees, you’ve come to the right place. 
This is the complete guide to everything you need to know and where to go to dive with manatees.

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How to become a Scientific Diver

Girls That Scuba

Becoming a Scientific Diver can be somewhat of a self-guided scavenger hunt. There isn’t very much information about it online, and since it doesn’t fall under the “recreational diving” umbrella, it can be kind of cryptic to figure out what it all means.



Ocean Mimic

Parrotfish live on coral reefs around the world. Even with their bright patterns, you can usually hear their grinding beak before you see them! Commonly found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, with the highest species variety occurring in Indo-Pacific ocean regions. They’re named for their powerful beaks, which are formed from the fusing of their teeth into a biting plate, and their colourful patterns.

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Marine Conservation and Scuba Diving

The Scuba News

The world’s oceans face a myriad of threats: Worldwide, coral reefs are being irreparably damaged. Species of marine life are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Conservation of the marine ecosystem is at a delicate point, and there is no group better placed for the advocacy of marine protection than scuba divers.

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Jacques Cousteau’s Favorite Dive Destinations Around the World


Cousteau’s contribution to our oceans can be summed up as an inventor, filmmaker, and conservationist who sailed the world for much of the late 20th century, and educated millions of people about the Earth’s oceans and conservation through his TV series and books. Cousteau’s favorite dive destinations are widely respected today, based on his recommendation alone.