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• Communications Expert & Creative Copy-Writing Storyteller

• Passionate & Experienced Scuba/Conservation Industry Leader

• Proven Digital Marketing Success


Hey, there! My name is Caitlin McCall. I'm the founder of McCall Digital Marketing and, as you may have guessed, I’m a Digital Marketing Expert. You’re probably thinking.. Ohhhh no. Not another one of THOSE. But hear me out!

I’m not someone with a degree who doesn’t actually have their own following or any proof of what they can do.

I’m also not someone who became an influencer and just suddenly decided to call myself an expert.⠀


But seriously, I know that you want your marketing done right and you want it done by someone you can trust. That’s where I come in.

Yes, I have a degree in Advertising and Communication Studies, as well as graduate level work in Strategic Communications... + over 10 years of experience and several Director of Marketing lines on my resume.⠀

I also grew my OWN account (for business purposes) from 0-23k in ONE YEAR.

I have experience, proof, and I absolutely love growing accounts and implementing digital marketing strategies - it actually excites me!

I would love to help you grow your business in the digital space and beyond by attracting REAL super-fans to your page and then converting them to clients!

Let’s get to work!

xx, Caitlin McCall

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Welcome to Voices in PR! Today’s guest is Caitlin McCall, Founder and CEO of educational platform, Eco-Conscious Diver (eco-consciousdiver.com). Caitlin saw that the scuba diving industry had a need for marine conservation resources, so she used her background in Advertising and Communications to create a digital community and learning resource center.

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